Legal Introduction and FAQs

Trusted by thousands of teachers around the world.

This page is designed to help our users to understand:

  • How we create a safe and secure environment for all our users, especially children.
  • How we comply with all legal and regulatory requirements for the key geographies that we serve.

By clicking on the tabs below, you can read our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Data Protection Addendum and Cookie Policy. Beneath that, you will also find some of our Frequently Asked Questions, to help you quickly understand some of the key points related to our terms and privacy policies:


Terms of Service  |  Privacy Policy  |  Child Friendly Privacy Policy  |  Data Protection Agreement


How does Pobble keep users safe? 

As teachers and parents ourselves, we care deeply about the safety of our users. Pobble was built with Privacy by Design. Some of ways we keep users safe are as follows:

  • All teachers added to Pobble are approved by Pobble centrally, or by a school administrator.
  • Schools are requested to confirm that they have parent permission for pupils' work to be published outside of the school environment. 
  • Although parents and teachers can see pupil names, pupils names are never visible on work shared outside of the school environment for other users. 
  • Pobble centrally moderates all comments left by users on children's writing. 

Is Pobble compliant with GDPR?

Yes, Pobble is compliant with GDPR. We have undertaken a Data Protection Impact Assessment and a Legitimate Interests Assessment to assess and confirm our approach to compliance with GDPR. 

By using Pobble, does my child retain ownership of their work?

Yes. You and your child remain the sole owners of any pieces of work shared on Pobble. Under our terms we are granted a license to use the work. This is needed so that we can use content shared on our platform for the benefit of other users (for example, as a writing stimulus for a next lesson). 

Do you sell my information to third parties or show adverts?

No. Most schools pay to use Pobble which allows us to keep the platform entirely free from advertisements. We will never disclose your information to third parties except in the cases outlined in our privacy policy. 

Can I remove content from Pobble?

Yes. It's very easy to flag any content (work, or comments). Once flagged, it will be immediately removed from the platform and will be reviewed by our administration team. 

Do you have a child friendly Privacy Policy?

Yes - please see a link here.


Our training and support pages provide answers to many other common questions. If you still have a question not covered here or on the training support pages, please just drop us an email at