The future of writing moderation

Our tools take the stress out of setting up and running a writing moderation meeting. Make it easier to moderate with other schools and help prepare your staff for statutory moderation.

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Moderate writing online with Pobble

Making writing moderation easier – explained

Why take your writing moderation online?

The government have confirmed that writing statutory moderation is going ahead in 2021. Covid-19 restrictions mean that moderation may look different this year.
With remote moderation you can:

  • Save time and effort - no more hauling books across town to moderation workshops. Instead, teachers from anywhere can meet online to share and discuss their writing collections.
  • Simplify collaboration - school to school moderation becomes easier and stress-free.
  • Improve staff confidence - provide more opportunities for them to moderate with their peers.
  • Remove barriers - break down geographical boundaries and moderate online with our global community at a time that suits you. 

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If you're looking for support with school moderation or keen to learn how to lead moderation effectively, we can help.

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"Internal moderation is a vital collaborative process for all year groups"

Recent STA guidance reiterated the importance of school to school moderation. Pobble's online tool is approved for use by the STA.

“Internal moderation is a non-statutory, but vital process conducted by schools internally and, where possible, with other schools. Moderation should be a collaborative process undertaken throughout the academic year and normally with colleagues across key stages. This supports the quality assurance of TA judgements and provides a valuable opportunity for professional development.

Excerpt from STA’s Teacher Assessment Guidance, 2021

With Pobble, remote writing moderation is easy


Create a moderation file

Teachers or moderators select a collection of writing for individual pupils to create an online evidence bank.


Invite colleagues

Share your pupils' writing easily with colleagues and review and comment collaboratively.


Make a final judgement

Record a final assessment judgement for each child and mark as a conclusion.

Created by an expert team


Laura Bailey

Laura is the primary assessment lead at Surrey County Council, an STA moderator and former head of primary teaching and learning and strategic assessment at Babcock. Babcock Education works in partnership with several Local Authorities to deliver statutory assessment services.


Alison Philipson

Alison was responsible for KS1 and KS2 writing moderation across Bradford Local Authority for several years. She is currently a moderator for the Local Authority and a Deputy Team Standardisation Leader for the STA. Alison’s internationally recognised writing exemplification materials for Years 1-6 are now available in Pobble's online moderation tool.


Simon Blower

Simon is a former North Yorkshire deputy head with 16 years of teaching experience and experience managing a 55+ team. Simon has created and shaped the product vision for the Pobble platform, starting from its origins in his own classroom.

Looking to use moderation with your schools?

Moderation works best when groups of schools come together. If you’re a Local Authority, MAT or school group and are keen to explore using online moderation with your schools, book a meeting with our co-founder Simon.

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It's already being used across whole local authorities

Supported by an Innovate UK grant, Pobble have
been running a pilot project with North Yorkshire’s School Improvement and Early Years’ Service and North Yorkshire Education Services (NYES) to develop
and explore the efficacy of online moderation.

North Yorkshire and several other LAs have now adopted the Pobble moderation tool to deliver
statutory moderation for all their schools in 2021.

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Read our report on the impact of the Pobble
and NYES pilot.
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Praise for online moderation

"We cannot wait for this feature, along with the teacher moderation groups for writing - there is nothing that @HeyPobble is not supporting in the growth and development of primary writing! It is a perfect partner for any school!"

Rachael Wilding – Smart Vision School

"Takes the stress out of setting up and running a moderation meeting by allowing others easy access to pupil’s writing and rubber stamping your own teaching assessments."

Caroline Lovis – Literacy Lead

"SERIOUSLY impressed with @HeyPobble's live collaborative writing moderation tool, everyone involved, no photocopying, no heavy folders - the FUTURE of moderation is HERE."

Tom Sale – Head of Year 6, UAE

"Just took part in a fantastic @HeyPobble webinar lead by @SimonPobble. This is definitely the way forward to develop writing moderation meetings into a far more productive, engaging and purposeful use of teachers time. Let’s try it.”

Katie Maxwell – Year 5 Teacher in Dubai