Be confident in your assessment judgements

Improve the accuracy of your writing assessments with quality training and our online moderation tool.
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Do your team find assessing writing a challenge?

Your teaching team must ensure they are making accurate assessment judgements. They thrive off learning from others, but in a busy school, facilitating effective moderation meetings and connecting your colleagues with others isn't easy...
How can you be certain that your team has the confidence to make the correct judgements?
Female teacher carries heavy books to a moderation meeting

What if writing moderation was... easier!

Imagine, your whole team had a clear understanding of pupils' standards and the confidence to discuss doubts and easily qualify judgements. Even better, writing assessment in your school becomes a valuable, robust, and positive experience!

Here's how...

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Improve your school approach to writing moderation

Improve your team's confidence and support them to reach accurate assessment judgements with high-quality training and access to Pobble's online moderation tool.

Tools and training to help you improve your moderation discussions

  • Unlock powerful collaboration tools
    Easily create online moderation files, save them as evidence and share them with your team.
  • Gain a clear understanding of what good writing looks like
    Access ready-made writing samples and create your own school exemplars. 
  • Develop focused, high-quality discussions
    Facilitate structured, balanced discussions and empower your team to learn from one another. 
A smiling teacher looking at online assessment files of her classes writing

Make collaboration easier and more effective

  • Break down geographical barriers
    Meet online with teachers from any school to share and discuss writing collections.
  • Reduce travel, costs, and workload
    Save time and money, no more photocopying or hauling books to moderation sessions at other schools.
Smiling teachers in a moderation meeting

Ready to improve your moderation processes? Choose the moderation support that's right for you: