Celebrate your young writers!

Share your Pobble writing beyond the classroom wall and celebrate it with our worldwide audience. 

Join us for a weekly writing celebration and see motivation soar! We provide prompts, purpose and a platform to celebrate your young writers with a global community of educators who love writing. Get involved...


Give your pupils' a purpose to write

Teachers know that children put more effort into writing when they have a purpose. Authors write to be read, and children are the same. When children know others will read their work, they put more effort into it. Providing a real audience for their writing is the most effective way to give pupils a purpose, build their confidence, and motivate them to improve. Now that's something to celebrate!

How to get involved:


1. Create your writing

Choose from our daily writing prompts on Pobble to inspire your students. With incredible images and ready-made activities, our prompts spark creativity for even the most reluctant writers. 


Writers of the Week

2. Select your Writer of the Week

Identify a standout piece of writing that deserves recognition and get ready to celebrate. It's the best way to engage your pupils and incentivise them to keep writing well each week.


Share and celebrate

3. Share and celebrate

Choose how you will share and celebrate your Writer of the Week's achievements. Join our global audience in celebrating your young writers and fostering a love for writing.

How to celebrate your Writers of the Week... 

Start by celebrating in school

Let the entire school applaud your Writer's of the Week. You could organise a celebration during assembly, share their work on a school display, publish it in the newsletter or reward them with certificates and lanyards. Anything to showcase your young writers.
To help, we've created a free Celebration Pack for you that includes lanyards, certificates and display materials to shine a spotlight on their achievements.
You can download yours below:

Celebrate across school
Share with us on social media

Share with us on social media

Amplify your message by sharing it on social media or in your school newsletter. Share the achievements of your Writers of the Week on Instagram, Facebook or X, using the hashtag #WritersoftheWeek and amplifying their success on a global stage. By showcasing your students' work online, you'll inspire pride within your local community and connect with educators worldwide. Tag us and we'll boost your celebratory messages by sharing your content with our global community.
See where to find us on social media: 

Publish writing on Pobble

Want to publish your school's writing achievements for the whole world to enjoy? When you become a Pobble School you gain access to your own school page to publish writing on. It shows how many collective views and comments the pupils have received. Even better, they can receive constructive, positive feedback from you, their family and a safe, global community of children and teachers all around the world!
You can s
ee the latest published writing on Pobble:

Publish on Pobble

Ready to get involved?

Join us in fostering a love for writing and celebrating the creativity of young minds.
Head over to Pobble to access today's free writing prompt, get writing and watch your students shine!