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How it started

There was no greater joy for the children in my class than to have their work celebrated on the classroom wall...

It was something they always worked hard for. An audience leads to purpose, motivation, and therefore raised attainment. At the end of term I would collect these examples in a little box in the cupboard. The next year, I'd use them as model texts to inspire the children. Pobble is the global classroom wall: a place to celebrate children's writing, and a terrific teaching resource.

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Simon Blower,
Co-founder of Pobble

Continuing the journey...

We have become more and more global, with visitors in 100+ countries. In 2015 we evolved from LendMeYourLiteracy to Pobble, taking an internationally accessible name. The word signifies 'people' in Celtic languages. We realised that the magic behind Pobble is our worldwide community, and want to be reminded of that every day.

What is Pobble?


A global classroom wall for pupils, a unique resource for teachers. Pobble is a safe educational platform where teachers share their pupils’ writing.

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Pobble for Schools is designed to realize the potential impact of Pobble in your school. Excellent teaching is at the basis, technology supports it.

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Picture of the Day is now Pobble 365: a free resource that thousands of teachers worldwide use every day. One picture. One teaching resource. Every day.

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Of course we’re on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. Beyond that, tips, tricks and opinions we will share on our blog – Get in touch to contribute!

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Experienced teachers

The Pobble team is made up of experienced teachers, who from the beginning have believed that the main ingredient in building confident young writers is their own imagination. But now, Pobble is turbo-charged with a suite of tools to help share student writing around the world, so literacy teachers have all the support they need to builds that enthusiasm in the classroom.

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