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Hey! We’re Pobble, a team of teachers, writing experts, and edtech enthusiasts. Our mission? To foster a love of writing in as many schools around the world as possible!

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How it all began


Throughout his 16 years as a dedicated school leader and teacher, Simon Blower faced a common challenge - how to inspire his students to write. Despite his best efforts in lesson planning and searching for resources, he found that his pupils lacked the motivation to put pen to paper. Determined to make a change, he began using captivating imagery as a creative catalyst for writing and sharing his students' work beyond the classroom walls.

The real magic happened when Simon shared his innovative approach with fellow educators, sparking a passionate community dedicated to nurturing young writers. This collaborative effort gave birth to Pobble, a platform aimed at empowering teachers and students worldwide. Simon's vision has since grown into an award-winning team of like-minded educators committed to making a positive impact on the future of writing education.

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