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Hey! We’re Pobble! A team of teachers, writing experts and edtech folk. We're on a mission to save teachers time and motivate every child to produce their best work.

Our story began in the classroom…




How it all began

School leader and teacher of 16 years Simon Blower,  found himself struggling to find the right tools to teach writing. He’d spend hours planning writing lessons, searching the internet for the best resources and photocopying good examples of his pupils' work for when he needed inspiration or a model text. Despite his hard work, his pupils weren’t motivated to write.

He began thinking of new ways to inspire his writers and experimented with photographing their work before publishing it on a blog. His pupils loved their writing being shared outside the classroom so Simon invited his teaching colleagues to share their classes’ work too. It steadily grew into a bank of children’s handwritten work.

The magic really happened when the children received comments on their writing, their reactions were priceless! Comments began to come in from the children’s peers, families and teachers around the world and the proud smiles spread too… The Pobble community was born!

Over the years that followed, Simon built a team of like-minded educators whose mission was to make a difference to as many teachers and young writers around the world as possible.

What is Pobble?


Since the start of our journey in the classroom, we’ve worked alongside hundreds of thousands of teachers to understand the writing process and develop our tools. Pobble has grown to be a platform that supports the teaching of writing every step of the way: from preparation to assessment.

We believe there’s a journey to becoming a good writer, we also know that teaching writing is difficult so our tools are designed to save teachers time, whilst inspiring and motivating young writers. 

You'll find tools to help you plan, deliver, celebrate and assess your writing lessons.

Engage your pupils

Spark their imagination and show them what good writing looks like.

Using hooks and resources to launch a unit of work

Prepare them to write

Build their writing toolkit and agree on the steps for success.

Using success criteria, learning walls and flip charts to build their writing toolkit and agree on the steps for success.


Help them create their best work

Let them write, before improving their work through self and peer assessment.

Review and revise in the classroom or as part of home learning.


Provide audience and purpose

Boost their confidence and motivation and show that their writing matters.

Pupils receive comments and constructive feedback on their work.


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