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Tools and training led by former school leader and experienced moderation manager Laura Bailey.

We offer a range of expert support to enhance your assessment and moderation processes and ensure your team reach confident and accurate judgments. 

A relaxed teacher feeling confident after assessing her students writing with Pobble online moderation

Choose the moderation support that's right for you:

School moderation subscription

Pobble online moderation offers schools a robust, valuable and positive way to improve moderation discussions. Giving your whole team a clear understanding of pupils' standards and the confidence to discuss doubts and easily qualify judgements.

A group of teachers sitting around a table using Pobble online moderation
Teachers hands using a laptop to connect with fellow teachers around the world to assess and moderate writing.

School group subscriptions

Pobble moderation is used by school groups around the world. Our online tools break down geographical barriers and ensure consistency in writing assessment standards and practices across all schools.

Download our school group document or book a call below to enjoy a bespoke demo and discuss your needs. 

Statutory moderation

Pobble's Head of Moderation and Assessment Laura, brings her expertise as a Key Stage 2 statutory moderation manager for The London Borough of Waltham Forest. Through our partnership, we are delighted to offer academies, free schools and independent schools the opportunity to select Pobble as their statutory assessment provider, regardless of your location. Our assessment contract includes a range of benefits such as complimentary access to assessment leader networks, statutory assessment briefings and a whole school subscription to Pobble's online moderation tool. 

Comments from teachers on a piece of childrens writing
A moderation expert training teachers how to use Pobble online moderation

CPD & training sessions

Join one of our online training courses to ignite your passion, enhance your skills, and gain invaluable opportunities for collaboration with fellow teachers. Our interactive sessions are designed to empower you with the knowledge, expertise, and confidence needed to improve your assessment and moderation processes, as well as those of your school.

Looking for a bespoke package of training and support to improve your moderation processes and positively impact pupil outcomes?