Child Friendly Privacy Policy

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Hi there, welcome to Pobble!

In providing you and our schools with and we have to keep all of your personal information safe. This policy describes how we do this to comply with the laws on data protection (Data Protection Act 1998, Data Protection Act 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation 2016 and UK-GDPR - the data protection laws).

If you require more detailed information about how we process your personal information you can either ask your parent and guardian to check our detailed Privacy Policy for you, or you can just contact us using the details below.



We are Pobble and you can contact us here:

FAO: Jonathan Smith / Director,
Pobble Education Ltd,
Tremorvah Wood Lane,
Truro, Cornwall,


Telephone: + 44 (0) 20 8629 1732 and ask to speak to the Jonathan Smith.



Personal Information (your data) is anything that would allow us to know who you are, like your:

  • name;
  • age range;
  • gender;
  • username or other log in details for Pobble;
  • details of your school or other education provider (for example if you have a home tutor);
  • the name of your parent / guardian who may have a Pobble Parent Account to view your work;
  • your creative writing, test scores and other assessments.

We may also collect and/or use other Personal Information about you from time to time

Your data is provided to us by your school and/or your teachers so that your class can use Pobble to help you learn!

The creative writing your school and teachers upload to Pobble should never include identifiable Personal Information about you and your school and teachers should check this before uploading your work to Pobble. If your school or teacher accidentally submits a piece of work which has Personal Information about you included please ask your parent or guardian to contact your school / teacher or us as soon possible so we can make sure this is removed.



Whenever your personal information is shared with us it is kept confidential.

We use your personal information so we can provide Pobble to your school and teachers who can then use Pobble to teach you and the rest of your class in the following ways:

  • Your teacher can use Pobble to mark your work and provide you with feedback on your work.
  • Your work will be shared within your school and class so your friends and other teachers can see it.   Your parent or guardian can also set up a Parent Account to view your work in Pobble and join you on your learning journey.
  • Your teacher can send your work to be moderated to another teacher or other user of Pobble (your school controls who this person will be and your name and personal information will be removed before it is shared for moderation).

Publishing - Your school or teacher can choose to publish your work to the Pobble community after getting permission from your parent or guardian. If you would like your work to be unpublished at any time please let us know and we can ensure it is no longer published. Your name and personal information will be removed before the work is published and replaced with an anonymised username or no name, the name of your school and your age range. If your work is published this means it can be seen by other users of Pobble, members of the public and may be shared on social media platforms.  Once your work is on social media platforms Pobble will not be able to control who it is shared with on those platforms and you will need to check with the social media platform if you want it removed.

We will also use your personal information to respond to you when you contact us and ask us a question or need help.

We never sell your personal information and will never send you marketing information.

We only share your personal information with others where there is a legal obligation for us to do so or we have identified a valid lawful basis (this is explained below).



We only process (use) your personal information (which may include sharing it with people or organisations) where we are allowed to by law. There are 3 ways that this might happen. These are:

  1. Consent – where you or your parent or guardian say it’s ok.
  2. Legal obligation – where there is a law that says we can or have to.
  3. Legitimate Interest - where we use your personal information without asking you, we do so because it is necessary for our legitimate interests to fulfil our promise to your school to provide them with the Pobble Platform and to enable your work to be shared to enable others to learn from your work and enrich the learning experience for all and we have assessed that there will be no negative impacts on you.


We will keep your personal information within our organisation except where we need help from others and we know exactly who they are.  The types of people we may share your personal information with are people who help us to run the Pobble Platform like IT and software providers who help make Pobble work properly. Sometimes we may need to share your personal information with people like solicitors and accountants who advise us in relation to our business.

They should not share your information with anyone unless we ask them to. They will hold your information securely and only keep it for as long as we say.

If we sell all or part of our business to another company, all of the information we have collected about you will be sold with it.



Your personal information is stored by us and some of the people we work with (our processors) in the UK, Europe or in the United States.  Where we or our processors transfer your personal information to the United States we make sure they use the European Commission's Standard Contractual Clauses which are a type of contract used to ensure your personal information is kept secure.



We will only keep your personal information for as long as we need it. For more information about this please contact us.



Under the Data Protection Laws your rights are:

  1. To be informed – We must make this privacy policy (sometimes referred to as a privacy notice) available to you.
  2. Access – You are allowed to find out what personal information we may hold about you and why.
  3. Rectification – If you ask us to we must correct or update your details.
  4. Erasure – Sometimes you can ask us to delete your details.
  5. Restrict processing – You ask us to stop processing your personal information.
  6. Portability – You can reuse your personal information that you have given us.
  7. Object – You have the right to stop us marketing to you.
  8. Rights in relation to automated decision making and profiling – We do not use automatic decision making or profiling.



Sometimes we may need to change this document. When we do we will put a notice on our website.



If we are doing something you don’t like with your information you can tell us. If you think that we have not listened or done anything you can tell someone else. The best person to tell is the ICO Information Commissioners Office.