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Turn your pupils into published authors and celebrate their writing with a worldwide audience on Pobble!

Give them a purpose, build confidence in their writing, and motivate them to keep improving their work.

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Give your pupils a purpose to write

As teachers, we know that the key to creating good writing is to make it exciting. What could be more exciting than knowing that your work will be read by people from all over the world?

Even better, pupils can receive constructive, positive feedback from their peers! Now that's a reason to write!


By publishing writing on Pobble, your pupils are given...

A worldwide audience

How many people usually see a child’s writing? The teacher? Their classmates? Occasionally, their headteacher and parents?

It’s an important question because genuine constructive and positive feedback on their work fills children with confidence and makes them want to write more.

Pobble provides an authentic audience of pupils, teachers and parents around the world.


A purpose to write

When we feel like we have a purpose, we try harder. Authors write because they want people to read it, and children are just the same.

Children put more effort into their writing if they know other people are going to look at it - it’s that simple!

Feedback on a global scale

Pobble’s commenting tool makes leaving feedback on their writing easy. Pupils can receive comments on their writing from friends, family, and teachers both in their school community and from others around the world.
Children are encouraged to give feedback too. Genuine, constructive and positive feedback on their work fills children with confidence and makes them want to write more and better!


It's easy to get started


Share writing on Pobble

Writing can be uploaded to the site quickly by pupils or teachers using a smartphone, camera or tablet.


Publish work for the world to see

Uploaded work can be selected for publishing to the Pobble Writing Bank, as well as being stored in each pupil's evidence bank.


Gain feedback and motivation

Pupils receive moderated comments on their writing from their school community and from their peers around the world.

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Easily demonstrate pupil progress over time

With your pupils' work available in one place, monitoring their progress is simple. Easily create assessment files to share and demonstrate their progress. Even better, moderate these writing collections online with teachers anywhere in the world!

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"Pupils love the opportunity to have their work published online and this recent development enhances their sense of what it means to be an author.”

OFSTED Report, Acklam Whin Primary School, 2018

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Raise the profile of writing in your school

Writing should be shared and celebrated beyond the classroom walls. Our Pobble school pages show how many collective views and comments the pupils have received. Schools are encouraged to select 'Writers of the Week' and celebrate their children's writing during assemblies. It’s a brilliant way to engage pupils and incentivise them to keep writing well.

Raising the profile of writing raises attainment too!

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