Together, we make writing ridiculously exciting!
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Unleash teaching superpowers

Start with the basics: find inspiring lesson ideas and model texts, and build an online evidence bank of your pupils’ writing.

Before you know it, you’ll find yourself connecting with classrooms around the world and publishing the work of your pupils to a global audience. What a way to celebrate writing!

How it works

Find your lesson idea

Prepare the most engaging lessons easily, with teaching ideas, resources and WAGOLLs at your fingertips.

Preparing lessons
Write with a purpose

Turn pupils into published authors. A global community of teachers, pupils, families and authors provides a real purpose to write.

Publishing pupils work
Assess and moderate

Build an evidence bank for your pupils, facilitate online peer assessment, and promote the reliability of assessment.

Assessment and moderation

We join you on the journey!

A whole-school approach: we help you fully embed Pobble in your school. Together, we define goals that align with your strategic plans and realise tangible results.

Let's Begin

Literacy strategy

Together, we embed Pobble to support your school development plan.

Staff training

We are committed to supporting your staff to get the most out of Pobble.

Writing workshops

Turn all your pupils into published authors. Or target those who need it most.

Independent learning

Let your pupils develop respectful and purposeful feedback, in a safe environment.


Pobble is a whole-school approach. Let’s involve everyone!

Wider engagement

Engage with classes around the world, local media and famous authors.

Lasting benefits

  • Wider engagement

    Excite your pupils with a whole-school approach

  • Connect your classroom

    Collaborate globally, and give your pupils a real audience.

  • Develop peer assessment

    Allow your pupils to interact in a safe online environment.

  • Improve assessment and moderation

    Create an online evidence bank for each child.

  • Raise the profile of writing in your school

    Access thousands of example texts and teaching ideas.

  • Inspire even your most reluctant writers

    Together, we make writing ridiculously exciting.

  • Engage parents

    Connect them to their child’s learning journey.

  • Increase attainment

    Join a growing community of schools realising tangible results.

Praise for Pobble

Using Pobble has been one of the most exciting things I have done in teaching, and has truly captured the attention of my class.

V. Allen Assistant Head, Tollgate Primary School in Eastbourne, UK

What a brilliant website - bursting with young talent. I love it.

Anthony Horowitz
Anthony Horowitz Author

Pobble gives young writers a real audience and therefore a purpose and reason to be proud.

Michael Morpurgo
Michael Morpurgo Children’s author

As a former English teacher, I can see why Pobble would be so effecive at engaging young writers - what a simple, but inspiring application of technology for schools.

Tony Little
Tony Little Former headteacher at Eton College
and academic advisor at GEMS Education

Pupils know how to draft and edit their work, and some of it is published online, giving them an added incentive to write for a purpose.

Ofsted report For a school using Pobble

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Thousands of teachers use Pobble to supercharge their teaching of writing. Our ambassador schools are leading the way.

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