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At Pobble we believe there’s a journey to becoming a good writer


Pobble started in the classroom. We’ve since worked alongside hundreds of thousands of teachers to understand the writing process and develop our teaching and learning tools. They’re designed to save you time whilst supporting your pupils to produce their best writing.

Engage your pupils

Spark their imagination and show them what good writing looks like.

Using hooks and resources to launch a unit of work

Prepare them to write

Build their writing toolkit and agree on the steps for success.

Using success criteria, learning walls and flip charts to build their writing toolkit and agree on the steps for success.


Help them create their best work

Let them write, before improving their work through self and peer assessment.

Review and revise in the classroom or as part of home learning.


Provide audience and purpose

Boost their confidence and motivation and show that their writing matters.

Pupils receive comments and constructive feedback on their work.


With a Pobble teaching and learning plan, you get...

Everything you need to plan your writing lessons

Pobble offers hundreds of high-quality, engaging, ready-made writing resources, all created by experienced teachers. Search by age, genre, or topic for lots of brilliant lesson ideas.

You’ll find everything from inspiring images, word banks, and success criteria to ready-made lessons including starters, quick writes and week-long themes. Plus the world's largest bank of writing examples! 

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Examples of images from Pobble 365

Pobble 365

An example word bank from Pobble

Word banks

An example of a success criteria from Pobble

Success criteria

Engaging images from the Pobble image library

Image library

Examples of work from the Pobble writing bank

Writing bank

Examples of Pobble lessons

Editable, curriculum-mapped lessons


Examples of ready-made-lessons for pupils from Pobble

Ready-made lessons

Examples of modelled writing ideas for pupils from Pobble

Modelled writing ideas

Pupils can type, or upload handwritten work to Pobble. Then they can receive peer feedback or use self assessment tools..

Writing specific pupil tools

Pupil logins empower your class to access and interact with lessons independently, in school or at home.

Students self-assess their writing and improve their editing skills, then upload handwritten work or type directly into Pobble. Our tools make engaging with classmates and peers in other schools around the world easy!

Work is sent back to the teacher's online mark book, where reviewing and providing powerful feedback is simple. All writing is then saved in an online evidence bank on Pobble.

Watch this video to find out more:

A place to share and celebrate their achievements 

Turn your pupils into published authors and celebrate their writing with a worldwide audience! Give them a purpose, build confidence in their writing, and motivate them to keep improving their work.

What could be more exciting than being recognised as a star writer in your school and knowing that your writing could be read by people from all over the world? Even better, pupils will receive constructive, positive feedback on their work! Now that's a reason to write!

Pobble makes it fun and easy to regularly celebrate your young writers' achievements with the whole school community and raise the profile of writing across the school. Raising the profile of writing motivates children to produce their best work too!

Examples of two published author lanyards from Pobble

Celebration materials

An example Pobble school page

Your own school page

Part of a display pack from Pobble

Display packs

Three example certificates from Pobble


Example writing shared on the Pobble platform

A safe space to share writing with the world

A smiling, happy young writer


An example WAGOLL finder from Pobble

WAGOLL finder

Example activity cards from Pobble

Activity cards

An example writing pads from Pobble

Writing pads

An example active literacy card from Pobble

Active literacy cards

An example non-screen activity ideas from Pobble

Non-screen activities

Your best homework EVER worksheet from Pobble

+ more!


Classroom writing resources

We believe children learn best when they are empowered with additional materials to support them with their learning. Choose one of our curriculum-linked lessons, and download Pobble’s printable resources to support your writing lessons and allow your pupils to learn more independently.

Go on a hunt for an awesome piece of writing with your class, offer friendly reminders for your pupils’, with our writing pads. Or challenge pupils to complete one of our activity cards whilst on the Pobble platform. 
Discover resources and activities for a variety of literacy learning tasks on Pobble.

Writing sorted!

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Add online moderation to your plan for £3 per month*

Create, share and discuss writing collections online with Pobble moderation. Ideal for cross-school moderation. Save time, increase participation, and improve the reliability of assessment.

Access exemplification materials and create your own benchmarked files. Ideal for building up evidence for statutory moderation visits and inspection.

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*per teacher, billed annually

A hand drawn iPad illustrating how Pobble moderation allows multiple teachers to view and comment on a writing assessment file

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